How To Be A Better Griller, According to Professional Chefs

The pandemic scenario has made almost every public place close, causing difficulties for the people to be able to meet their needs and requirements. Whether it’s the educational institutions, hospitals, offices, restaurants, cinema halls, etc., shutting down these sectors has dramatically impacted people’s lives. The impact on the restaurant business has been dreadful. With the closing of restaurants and food carts, people have been more engaged in their kitchens experimenting and preparing food varieties. It’s likely that the people who enjoy grilled food seared more steaks, burgers, and chicken breasts at home than ever before. Cooking does not only include preparing the food; to be a better chef, you must also know how to clean gas bbq grill grates with Steam grill brush. There are plenty of ways to master the grill and get quick, delicious dinners on the table. This article will provide you with tips from professionals to become a better griller. Let the pandemic be a medium of teaching you better grilling by staying at home:

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Temper Your Food

No matter what meat, vegetables, fruit, for the food to cook evenly, consider grilling to room temperature first.

Rest Your Meat

Letting the grilled meat rest for eight to 10 minutes before cutting makes time to redistribute the juices.

Choose the Accurate Fuel

Professional chefs believe in using mesquite charcoal for high heat and white oak for flavour. Try experimenting with different woods such as applewood, cherry wood, or sugar maple until you find the flavour you like best.

Cook Over Indirect Heat

While using charcoal or wood chips, an indirect heat zone can be created by pushing most of them off to the side once you’ve heated them. Although this technique takes a little longer to cook, it prevents flare-ups and gives a great BBQ flavour.

Keep Barbecuing Low and Slow

Cooking off some quick hot dogs and hamburgers must be fast and fun. However, if you have a small fire, consider keeping it low for several hours to enjoy the authentic deliciousness of barbequed food.

Create a Makeshift Smoker of Your Outdoor Grill

Makeshift Smokers can be made by suspending the grilling surface above the existing surface. If your grill has attachments, put bricks on each side (4 inches high) and any oven grill or rack above those bricks. Adding vine cuttings, wood chips, or branches from an oak tree, soaking them, and then turning your grill adds more flavour and aromatics, and the slow cooking process makes your meat more tender, as stated by the professionals.

Soak or Preserve Your Food in Salty Water

Whether it’s a chicken breast, pork chop/loin, or alternative cuts of beef, soaking or preserving it in salty water adds flavour, tenderizes your meat, and preserves its juiciness.

Light Up Early

Professional chefs advise lighting the coals a while before putting your meat on, without leaving it to the last minute to spark up your grill. It gives the fire time to burn down, makes the heat pleasant, and even prevents you from burning your meat on a bed of hot flames.

Oil the Meat, Not the Grates

Professionals say that barbecue beginners should not practice soaking the grates in oil before lighting up as it might cause a significant fire hazard. Instead, consider applying a thin layer of oil on the food to hold moisture.

Either Keep the Lid On or Off

Opening or close the lid makes the temperature of the grill bound to fluctuate. Keeping the lid on or off solely depends on what you are cooking. It is fine not to use the lid while cooking thin, quick-cooking cuts of meat. In contrast, thick cuts of meat can benefit from the lid holding in heat. Make sure to close the lid as quickly as possible after opening it, as frequent opening and closing can cause damage to the food as well as the grill.

Sauce at the End

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Grilled food tastes the best when a final sauce or glaze is added to it. Brushing or drizzling on about 1/3 or 1/2 of the sauce near the end of the cooking time adds more flavour to a dish and makes the most out of your ingredients. Also, make sure to have all the adequate tools to make your grilling experience smoother and more manageable.


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