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Barbecue Grill Safety: 8 Tips to Ensure Your Cookout Doesn’t Go Up in Flames

As we are almost bidding goodbye to winter, I cannot help but get excited for summer. It is the perfect season to get out, be a beach bum and spend most time outdoors. It is my favorite season because of its warm weather. I enjoy the warm weather because it is the perfect ambiance to do outdoor activities.

I can do my favorite activities, such as getting a tan at the beach, picnics at the park and hosting a BBQ party at my backyard. As summer causes the weather to get warmer more people use outdoor grills and incidents of fires caused by grills also go up.

Before you get too excited and do your research on how to cook mahi mahi on the grill make sure to read the safety tips I laid out for you. I have listed below 8 grill safety tips to keep you and your home safe from fire during the barbecuing season.

Be Ready To put out the Fire

When grilling it is expected that flames does go up from your grill. In the event that happens, you’ll want to have a fire extinguisher ready. If you do not have a fire extinguisher you can use baking soda to control grease fire or you can keep a bucket of sand next to the grill.

Wear the right clothing

Clothes can easily catch fire. So make sure to wear the right clothes when grilling. Avoid wearing clothes that will dangle over the grill.

Use the right cleaning tool

Use the best grill brush for stainless steel grates when cleaning. Avoid using poor quality steel brush to clean the grates. After brushing with a grill brush wipe using a damp cloth afterwards to gather any loose bristles.

Perform Periodic Maintenance

Aside from cleaning your grills, always do periodic maintenance. Check tubes, all fittings, and connections to ensure they are in best condition. Makes sure that there are no leaks.

Keep your grill clean

If you want your food to taste good always use a clean grill grates before grilling. Cleaning it also extends the lifetime of the grills. So, make sure to use the best grill brush for stainless steel grates.

Make sure your grill is on a level and flat surface

Always set up your grill on a flat surface and make sure that this cannot be tipped over. You might want to use a grill pad or splatter mat underneath your grills to protect our patio or deck.

Grill from an open space

Outdoor grills such as charcoal and gas are strictly designed for outdoor use only. Make sure not to grill near combustible chemicals. Also, grills that are places near too close to the house or any flammable structures can heat up nearby materials and cause a fire to start.

Do not leave your grill unattended

Before you start grilling make sure you already brought all your grilling tools like tongs, grill brush and spatula. The fire in your grill can increase in few seconds. So never step away from it. Make sure you already got everything you need so that you will not leave your grill unattended.


Get your Hands on These Super-Cool Grilling Accessories

Are you ready for the most tantalizing party of the year? Are you excited to welcome the New Year with the utmost zeal and excitement? There is no way better than a barbecue party for the celebration. It is the perfect thing you can do on a chilling winter evening while having the time of your life with your friends. You have a griller at your home? Great. But, do you have accessories like a cleaning brush and grill mat to make the most of your barbecue party? It’s high time you bought essential grill accessories.  Let us browse through more of the grilling accessories to help you choose.

#1 Accelerated Meat Defroster

Bid farewell to the times when you had to leave all your work in the middle just to pull dinner out of the freezer. Now, with the fantastic accelerated meat defroster, you can stop worrying about having freezer-burned meat. The patent-pending technology instilled in the defroster can thaw frozen foods up to 10 times faster than typical thawing.

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#2 Fish and Veggies Grill Mat

If you are a fan of hosting barbecue parties, you must be familiar with the challenges of cooking fish and veggies on a grill. It is so tricky that even legendary grill masters struggle to do this. With most of the stuff falling through the grates, the task can frustrate you to the core. But, not anymore. Pioneered by world-class grill chefs, grill matters have changed the game. Invest in a fish and veggies grill matand keep your food from falling between the grates or sticking to the grill.

#3 Cleaning brush

A party loses its charm if you don’t wrap up the mess afterward. You need to clean the griller after you are done thoroughly. And that is when a cleaning brush comes into play. Does the frustration of cleaning the grill afterward not make you want to use it? Not anymore. Cleaning your grill becomes comfortable with this super-awesome brush.

These are some of the essential grilling tools that you can buy online on our platform. Get in touch with us to know more.