Everything You Need to Grill When You Don’t Have a Backyard

Everybody grills whenever it is a holiday or whenever you like to do outdoor cooking in your backyard. However, not all people have a spacious green yard to do their grilling but that does not mean you can no longer grill if you do not have enough space at home. You do not need a spacious backyard to enjoy grilling. What you need are your favorite, meat, burgers, hotdogs, and your grilling tools.

In this article I will be listing what you need to have when you are planning to grill even if you do not have a backyard or planning to grill in your apartment.

Silicon Basting Brush

When it comes to food we always want that extra flavor. If you are like me, I do not only rely on the flavor of my marinade. I always want that extra kick of flavor in my tongue. For most people we want our food to be flavorful as possible. For you to do that, you will need to have a silicon basting brush to help you put on your tasty sauce. This brush is not only limited to grilling as you are also able to use this for baking.

Plastic Spray Bottles

The last thing we do not want to happen when we cook at the comforts at our home is to have our house get burned down by fire. Flare-ups happen when oil from fat drips down on the charcoal or gas. Flare-ups also causes our food to get burnt if left uncontrolled, and we do not want our food to taste bad. Spraying water would eradicate flare-ups. It is also preferred to use spray bottles since you have control over the water that is coming out from the spray compared to splashing water on the grill from your glass.

Standard Grill Pan

A standard grill pan is an excellent choice when you prefer not to use grills to save space in your apartment. Though you might not get the charcoal taste from using charcoal grills a grill pan will mock the elevated edges of a regular grill. Your burgers and steaks will not end up soaking in their own juices because of the raised edges of the pan grill. This is also a wise choice if you do not know how to clean caked on grill grates since most grill pans can be conveniently cleaned in a dishwasher.

11 Smart Tools for Grilling Indoors with Limited Space | Food & Wine

Lotus Smokeless Barbecue Grill

Every time we cook, we find all ways for any smell or smoke not to reach in our neighbor’s places, but we always fail. This is the dilemma of the people when lives in small places like apartments where homes or rooms are just adjacent to one another. That is why the Lotus Smokeless Barbecue Grill is good choice if you want to grill that does not produce smoke. It has this battery-operated tiny fan which helps air over charcoal to quickly create high heat avoiding creating smoke. Aside from that this tiny beast is also helps save space. Its measurement for the standard size is 35cm top diameter (32cm grill area) and 26cm bottom diameter.


Wearing an apron helps prevent dust, hair and germs get on your food. However, that is not the only reason why people wear them. Wearing an apron has multiple purpose. Not only it protects your clothes from the juices of the meat it also works as a wearable storage unit. Common aprons have two packets on each side some have triple packets. Never put down this piece of clothing as this your best friend when you are cooking.

Electric Grill

Ambiano Indoor & Outdoor Electric Grill 2200W Removable Base Frame Wind  Shields | eBay

I have previously mentioned that gas and charcoal grills causes flare-ups when fat drips on the coal or gas. Electric grills do not promote flare-ups since this machine only uses electricity to heat up. It is designed like a regular grill but without the gas or charcoal component. You will still have that grill marks that you want from a regular grill since it has grill grates. But do not expect that it would taste like the common BBQ, with the use of electricity you will not have that charcoal taste from charcoal grills. Cleaning electric grills is also easy. They are quite similar on how to clean gas bbq grill grates. The only difference is that you need to unplug the grill and remove the grill grates to avoid electrocution and damage of the grills.

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